Friday, April 20, 2007


Screw the SEO

Are you just a little puzzled and wonder why your SEO is not working or just didn’t do what you thought it should. Come on SEO is simple and isn’t that hard to understand but really if you are not writing about anything that you care about, have a major compassion about or are an expert at you probably are missing the broad side of the barn. Ownership of what you are promoting is huge even as an affiliate. There are so many names that have stood the time on the internet and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting one of them through an email, well let me say you really are missing the turkey, three strikes and your out.

So how in the hell do people make SEO work? Huh, DE, DE,DE… You advertise. Listen you can do all the SEO you want through your ads and writing and keywords in classifieds and your blogs and what ever else but the one and only thing that makes it work is actual traffic and if you are like me you like to keep your money in your pocket and keep it there and when you put your time into something you want to see the results and you want to see positive results, right. That is why you are doing the things you are doing, right?

I have found, for me, and you may be different but not that far from what I experience is that things seem to move around in the direct response from your advertising efforts in the inexpensive advertising marketing campaigns that I run. Here is what I do in a month.
I submit my sites to search engines, I submit proven classified ads where ever I can for free and I find them by searching Google, I have my websites in all my signature files on my email and forums, When I leave a comment on a site I make sure I leave my back link to my site(s), I use auto surf sites to get cheap traffic and have found to get 35% unique hits while I sleep, I use manual traffic exchanges to get 80% unique hits to my site.

The next thing I am working on is article writing and submitting manually using other people’s sites to create traffic, but that will be only if they publish it on their site, so your article has to have good content so that the person publishing it to their Ezine feels it will benefit their subscribers.

I will say that the above works if you do it consistently and as often as you can. When you combine your writing with SEO, posting in your Web2.0 sites, Blog(s), Forums and Comments of other peoples sites you will create the constant consistent traffic that will build a business that you will be proud to own and operate.

By combining all these things above, SEO works because SEO works on popularity in the free traffic world or should I say the Google World.

Keep it real,

Scott Kelley

Monday, April 09, 2007


Web2.0 Strategies

Opportunities are all around us and Web2.0 is definitely an opportunity. With RSS feeds and linking it is a winner in my book. By utilizing Web2.0 type sites you can create new traffic from niches of your expertise.

We know
Google is huge and is taking over as “the advertising place to be” if you are on the internet, buying or selling anything. In my belief they want to get even more content for their advertisers and by creating Web2.0 sites for all of us to use they are succeeding. In the past couple of years you have heard Content is King, Well it has graduated to a much higher plain and is becoming what Google wants, more content and very specific content. You may think this is silly but they want you to write about the little things, the things of your expertise, the things you do. They want you to put your video up and share it others. What they want to do is connect your piece of info up with relative content and advertisers. It is a win for both sides.

But do you write and if you wanted to, what would you write about. It’s not like placing a classified ad and it’s not like writing a sales page or a solo. Now the SEO keyword is still practiced and should be apart of your writing. For example before I write on a topic I will research my topics keywords and look for two things how many times the word or phrase was searched and what other keywords might I be able to use. It only makes sense to give the spiders the food they are looking for with good content and keywords.

You know what I like about all this stuff is it is free and you can use your imagination to create anything without knowing any technical stuff. It is perfect for someone new coming onto the internet. Sites are rewarding with money when you bring the traffic to the site. You can wake up in the morning and decide to be an expert on Pet Insurance and Pet Health Care Industry, do a little research, and before you know it you have an article.

Take that article and create a lens on
Squidoo, Then take that article change it a little and post it in your BlogSpot, MySpace, AdLand Pro or any other Social Network you belong to. After you have all your sites linked back to one another through out these services you want to get the word out about your new site at Squidoo.

There are more things to tell you about the power of
Squidoo but to save time and space here is a free book for you to read compliments of SwK Marketing News.
Get your Gift here:
Squidoo Secrets

Till Next Time,

Peace and Happiness,

Scott Kelley

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Get Web2.0 Traffic

One Reason you should use Web2.0

It’s free! What is Web2.0? In a round about way it is a Social Networking/Permissive Marketing and a possible income for you. To sum it up there are many sites today that
are hot in their popularity and the search engines are all over them looking for rich content to expand their search engines data base so they can supply their clients’ fresh new relatable sites to market their goods or services on. It is a brilliant concept and appears to be working, wouldn’t you agree. PPC is making people Rich!

Web2.0 is not just any one community style site which makes Web2.0 even more attractive to expand your business. Some sites you may want to tell your story, like on MySpace where you can build a huge friend list. At MySpace you can compel the reader to click on links to take them to your other sites to get more information on a topic or something for free, but you really want people to feel that if they click on the link they will find out more. Be it curiosity or to solve a problem that is how you should lead someone to click on your links through your writing abilities.

Web2.0 can encompass sites like Squidoo where you can really feel the power of writing with captive headlines and short articles of interest. Here again, all this can link to your Blog using RSS so you can keep the page Fresh with new content. Again, at Squidoo you can back link to all your other sites and you can direct sale here, it’s allowed and practiced. I find the groups at Squidoo the place to be and will expose you to other members who have like interests in major topics and things for sale. It is a great site to market at and with, plus the theme of giving to charity makes it a great community builder that has cause and purpose.

As you can see, this play ground of social networking, called Web2.0, is a newbies heaven and will continue to grow with the internet growing at the rate it is. People will be reaching out seeking knowledge to the power of the internet and will be going to these HOT sites where their friends are at. As long as you give something in value to people using Web2.0 you will continue to meet new people, network and make some money as long as you focus on helping others and directing people to information they seek. Whether it is free information or something to buy you know you compelled that person to click, what do you think that is worth to you and your business.

There is no real secret to it, the sites are laid out to compliment what ever your focus is and purpose, all you have to do is ride it and discover new people who have like interests.
Well, I lied… you need to write and publish not just one time but hundreds of times.

Please feel free to practice your writing skills and leave a comment below. If you leave a link please ad SwK Marketing News to your site. It is a popularity contest on the net, let’s get popular together.

Scott Kelley


Friday, March 16, 2007


Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House

We at SMC Publishing strive to bring the best for all marketers new old and alike. We offer a media placement resource for marketers and a bridge for new marketers to expand their knowledge in the vast marketing arena. We maintain a massive community of subscribers who seek knowledge, opportunities and news. We welcome new subscribers with a free classified ad to direct people to their product.
To take advantage of this golden marketing medium and get your classified ad, visit:

You will see how you can reach 2 million ezine subscribers this month.
What ever you do, let the Publishers Know that Scott Kelley sent you, and you should get VIP treatment.

Again, go to:

Want to see What Our Classifieds Look Like?

Peace and Happiness

Scott Kelley
Publishing Editor
Petoskey, Mi.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Must Have Buisness Tools

I would like to share some great handy tools you may want to use for your business. These will help you save time and money.
- Organizers You will want to stay organized so you can access important information quickly. If you are spending several minutes several times a day looking for information you have stored on your computer it can really add up.
InfoMagic is one of the best organizers I have ever seen. It is fasting loading and allows you to set up different categories for storing your information. Within those categories you can create more specific pages to help you quickly find your information.
For example, you might have a category for Advertising. Under this category, you might have sub categories of traffic Exchanges, Classifieds, and Safelists.
In the traffic Exchanges, you might want to store all of the information for the exchanges you use; login IDs, surf links, referral links, etc.
You can get InfoMagic free here:
- Office Products
If you would like to have office products on your computer such as Microsoft Office, but don't have it yet, you don't need to spend the big bucks for it. There is a free program called Open Office. It is basically the same thing as MS Office; it has a spread sheet, database, word processor and more, but it's f.ree. You can get that at:
- Business Cards
Everyone in business needs business cards. Did you know you can get them free online? All you pay for is shipping and they are yours. Get your free business cards from Vista Print:
- Mail Washer
When you do business on the Internet, you can expect to get more than your share of emails. Many of these will be
sp@m from people who came across you email address somewhere. You need a good program to sort these out. Mail Washer is great for this. It will download your emails for viewing without putting them on your computer. You can use it to blacklist email addresses and people, as well as filter out certain words.
Try Mail Washer free here:
- Instant Messaging
If you like to be available to people online, consider using an instant messaging system. While they can be distracting while you are trying to work, many people find them helpful to their online business. These are free and easily found. You can get one from Yahoo and Msn. Just go to one of those sites to get set up.
- Ad Wizard
If you place classified ads or ads on safelists, you will want to get this little gem. It will store the URL to the site and go there for you. Once you are there, you press a button and it will place your ad for you. You program it to save those ads, including subject, title and any other info it needs, then it walks right through for you. You can put in as many sites and ads as you like.
Try Ad Wizard free at:
- Shorten URLs
Sometimes the URL you are trying to put into a classified ad, safelist, email or is just too long. There is way to fix that. You can go to and put that URL in. It will give you back a short URL that goes to the same place as your original URL. This is also good for hiding referral IDs from referral id thieves. It's free.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Reading is Essential to Market

As a marketer myself I understand the frustration of advertising.

With so many ways to advertise one can not afford not advertising in all the different areas of marketing. But mastering one at a time is essential for efficiency of your time.
I do not have a magic formula and I have yet to find any one that does, but I do know by tasking your advertising everyday in any of the ways to advertise is a must for your business. Being consistent is key and doing some sort of advertising every day will bring you rewards. I have experienced an ad that I placed working two months down the road, so you never know.
Why reading is important and will help with your advertising.
I see many ads from other marketers and it is easy to see the experience level. Most marketers have their own web site and they do not use the re-direct url. The re-direct is good and does protect you from people hi-jacking your commissions, but I have yet to experience a hi-jacking or know of any one that has, so how important is a re-direct unless you are using it for tracking purposes. It only slows down the page when loading. Good or bad, that’s what it does.
There are many good copy examples sitting in SwK Marketing News Classifieds. Go look at , study all the styles. Look for differences, what you like, what you don’t, the ones that attract you to the ones that don’t. Click on their links, see if the ad supports the site they are promoting because some ads are just plain false and have nothing to do with what the site is truly about. There goes the credibility, trust and sale. Hype is easy to see in an ad and I know I usually will not open something that sounds impossible.
In general:
I find reading gives me new ideas, exposes me to other possibilities and helps me to stay up with what is new, what works for others and shoot just keeps me that much more ahead of the game.

So, I hope that SwK Marketing News delivers this information for you. I visit many sites and find information that I believe is worthy for your eyeballs and in hope that it will help you to produce profit generating ideas.

Now it’s up to you the reader to let me know what you would like to see or read about. I would be more than happy to do the research for you, and would be more than happy to connect your good name to the research to, just ask me the question and I will deliver to my best abilities.
Also, if you have some tip that our readers would benefit from send it to me. This is by far one of the best ways to advertise. Free exposure and I really don’t care if you promote as long as it has a beneficial tip for our readers.
Another way to promote your self is to leave a comment after any one of the articles in the newsletter library. This is by far too easy and to free, what is amazing is other people will want to see your comments. Each Article has a 500 character place for you to write into.
Use this newsletter to benefit you and your business, and I will serve.
You the reader are the most important, wait a minute, you are special and deserve to use this newsletter for your benefit, for you, the reader.

I have many ways I can be contacted:
Best –

Do you have Skype?
Get a head set with mic and get personal

You can get the rest in the contact area at:

Peace and Happiness,
Scott Kelley

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Desk Top Lightning, Myth or Hit?

Well, it is official and Desk Top Lightning is up and running.
What I like about this email platform is the stats. When I send out a broadcast, to my ever viral growing network, I get to see how many emails were delivered and the percentage of open read email. To me, as a marketer, this is a great tester for any new promotion to see if my subject line and ad copy works. This tool gives me the opportunity to test before I spend big bucks on advertising my new promotion.
There are some limitations to how much you can do this, every three days, but it still gives you a good idea of what to expect. I like that, and I know you would to.
Victoria Winters has put together with the help of other marketers a email platform that one is very useful and where it is available to everyone, for free.
This is a word of mouth program that brings network marketers together, so by joining you know who the target is already, marketers.
Desk Top Lightning should be here to stay in my opinion, but then again I thought Beta VCR was better than VHS VCR, and it was, but someone else had a better idea, and believe it or not porn won because they produced all there material on VHS. Just goes to show you that sex rules and mindless people spend their money on some great stuff.
As a marketer I would suggest joining Desk Top Lightning and build a simple viral marketing list. I would hope this would not limit anyone to what they can market and shouldn't. The more unique people that come aboard with their product, the more Desk Top Lightning should grow.
It is easy to sign up and use, almost a no brainer, get yours today!
Desk Top Lightning

Happiness and Peace,
Scott Kelley

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